Trig’s Smokehouse is a creator of the authentic Northwood’s smoked meats experience.

Don’t let our quaint Northwood’s Wisconsin atmosphere fool you.

The award-winning Trig’s Smokehouse creates nearly one hundred varieties of the freshest smoked sausages, hams, bacons, beef sticks, and award-winning brats all year round – right here in Rhinelander, Wisconsin.

We teamed up with a Wisconsin Spice Company and put our expertise together to create our mouthwatering secret recipes of all our Smokehouse masterpieces!



The old “Smoke Shoppe” opens at the Rhinelander Trig’s Store in May

The birth of our Smoke Shoppe was just a little room in the Meat Department of our Rhinelander Trig’s Store!


Our Smokehouse wins the first World’s Best Brat competition

Our Smokehouse Fresh Bratwurst was named the World’s Best Bratwurst and Fan Favorite at the 2010 World’s Best Brat Competition in Watertown WI. Thus, the name change to the World’s Best Bratwurst! In addition that same year, Trig’s World’s Best Brats were named the Grand Champion by the Wisconsin Association of Meat Processors!


New Smokehouse opens; first day of production on August 1st

Our little Smoke Shoppe just could not process our brats fast enough! We built a 29,000 square foot Smokehouse in Rhinelander WI.


Federal license approved, January 15th

To continue our excellent service we thrive for to service our customers, we became Federally licensed. We have a FDA inspector at our facility daily.


Jamie Cline completes Master Meat Crafter certification, January 17th

Manager of the Trig’s Smokehouse LOVES to continue to learn new ideas and procedures to better the business at the Smokehouse! Way to go Jamie!

Our Team

Gary Husnick

Director of Operations 

“I enjoy every part of my work, but especially when I hear customers comment on how they love our product.”

Gary was born in nearby Antigo WI, and he was born to be our Smokehouse Director of Operations. Even his granddaughter, Kendyl, was given a Smokehouse tour at just 5-months old. He enjoys golf and Spotted Cows. And Jake (his dog) is in the running for 2014 Ugliest Dog in the World.

Favorite menu item: Our World’s Best Brats

Favorite brat flavor: The next one!

Lacey Ratliff

Smokehouse Sales Manager

“I love everything about my Smokehouse work… the people I work with, the events we attend, everything!”

Lacey was born in Eagle River WI and now lives in Rhinelander. Lacey has worked at Trig’s since 2008 and in our Smokehouse since 2010. She does just about everything: packaging lead, sales, bookkeeper, you name it. Lacey loves duck and deer hunting, fishing, and spending time at a Lake Superior shack. Her family includes Wilson and Clyde (cats) and long-time boyfriend Eric.


Favorite menu item: Smoked Chickens and Brats

Favorite brat flavor: Onion & Garlic

Jamie Cline

Smokehouse Manager

“Everybody gives me recipe ideas… even my own kids.”

Jamie lives in Crandon WI with his wife Linda, two sons Jesse and Jimmie, and two daughters Julia and Jenna. Jamie has worked at Trig’s since 1996 — and in our Smokehouse since 2007. His passion is also his expertise — creating new Smokehouse products and flavors. Jamie’s hobbies are hunting and ice fishing.

Favorite menu item: Jerky

Favorite brat flavor: Mushroom & Swiss

Trig’s Smokehouse will process your wild game.

We’d love to help you enjoy your harvested venison or any of your wild game that’s processed by our Smokehouse.

For wild game processing, you must follow these instructions:
  1. Deliver venison or wild game to our Smokehouse or any of our Trig’s grocery stores in plain cardboard boxes. Please mark out any unnecessary writing on the box. Please use food-grade plastic bags or ziplocks.
  2. We only accept clean boneless venison that’s properly cared for.
  3. Bring in a minimum of 10 lb. of venison for processing.
  4. We add 1/3 pork to all product unless requested otherwise; processing prices change accordingly to your request.
Please allow 3-5 weeks for processing. We will call you when your order is ready for pick up. For more details, call 715-420-0730.

Deliver harvested venison to:

Trig’s Smokehouse
1607 N. Stevens Street
Rhinelander WI, 54501

Complete The Wild Game Order Form:

Download Form